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A symbiotic relationship between the early Telugu blogger-Wikipedians with the larger Telugu online community was a big boon for the Telugu Wikipedia. Its initial momentum was furthered by committed members such as Kasubabu, Dr Rajasekhar, Chandrakantha Rao, Ravichandra, Veeven, Kasyap, Rahamtulla and Sujatha. Wikipedia was promoted at book fairs in Hyderabad and Vijayawada and supported by the e-Telugu organization and the local-language media, sparking interest from the general public.

Telugu wiki-academies were established in 2009 to heighten awareness at engineering and MCA colleges in small towns in Andhra Pradesh. Tewiki Vartha, an e-zine, was created in 2010 to share behind-the-scenes stories of Telugu Wikipedia pages and editors. In 2012, another effort was made to revitalize the Telugu Wikipedia. The community organized a two-day celebration in Hyderabad on 10–11 April 2013, coinciding with the Telugu New Year.